Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's been about a month now at the Chronicle and I already gained a years worth of experience. I can sum up all the yelling, bitching, and disappointment over the past four weeks into 4 basic tips for improving your photography at any skill level

1. Get close

2. Be aggressive

3. Be patient

4. Take me somewhere I can't go

I was really impressed by staff photographer Nick da la torre, when I tagged along with him during a portrait shoot on Friday..I took note of his confidence and how he carries himself during a shoot. I really admire him for his bluntness, while this takes some getting used too, I understand that he is only trying to help me. I have included some video from the shoot on Friday.

On Assignment! from John Jiles Jr. on Vimeo.

I close with some of my personal standouts from the past month.

Almost forgot! I finished my year long 365 project!
Read the description here

365|365 Farewell

I went to a boxing match!



I got on the AP wire!

kick push

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


narrowly escaped a fire at her apartment


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Urban Speed

Of course I had fun..Cars + photos + free food, duh!!!

urbanspeed meet june from John Jiles Jr. on Vimeo.




Settled In

About to start week number three at the Chronicle, and I have to say I've learned more in 2 weeks than I ever have. I think my relationship with my editor is getting better as I am getting used to hearing criticism and no longer on pins and needles when I come from assignment. This past week was good though, I got my first photo ran in City and State( I made sure to grab several copies that day, i hope no one noticed,lol). The photo was a feature, that showed construction workers for the new ballet building assembling scaffolding, which meant that they formed a straight line for at least 6 stories straight up the building, it made for quit a photo, it was the best feeling to have steve pat me on the back, and shake my hand, and say "job well done." I finally felt like I had been accepted and become part of the crew at that moment.

The winner:
Do work

Honorable mentions:
Rene Casara, interview

This photo was from an assignment I had to shoot a portrait of this piano legend in the latino community. I remember hearing the piano an approached the door and having this strange calm cover over me, it was definitely surreal


First take a food photography, Minuti Coffee a block from the Chronicle building

Monday, June 7, 2010

whatchu lookin' at nikka??

smack, smack, smack...That's the sound of reality smacking me in the face when I show my work to my photo editor...I'm good but not great..I mean I should have expected it..these guys know their shit..I learned more in 10 minutes than I did from two semesters of photojournalism classes sorry Donna and Eli. But I really appreciate this opportunity, everyone's gotta earn their stripes..Like Steve said, "If I don't tell you you're not gonna get any better," and he is right..So I'am gonna sit back and take it..because it's going to make me better.

while i was away

A lot has changed since I last posted in March, I stopped for a while because my pictures kept getting cut off, I didn't know it couldn't be fixed until Jasmine pointed it out, she was supposed to fix it but I got tired of waiting on her..just kidding I know you're busy ;-) So three months..I graduated....pause...I that still sounds good. I made lasting friendships, and let some go. I saw my brother and his family..twice, I'am proud of you man. and took a LOT of photos. I got this internship with a small paper called the Houston Chronicle you might have heard of it.

335|365 Graduation




Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ty's Accord